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Magical Flower DJ

I made an interactive educational art and tech experience for Pop Shop, a handmade craft fair. Strangers are asked if they would like to hold a flower, and when they do I high five them to make a sound. Yup I made humans into buttons.

It's really cool to see children and adults alike express surprise and joy as they touch a flower to play Jingle Bells or make cat meow. At the end of this experience I would explain the basics of conductivity and how we are able to interact and code the environment around us with the likes of educational technology platforms such as the MakeyMakey and Scratch.

This demo samples one of Code Park's workshops. Our goal is to have students experience being the creators of technological inventions instead of consumers. Students are introduced to coding and circuitry with the Makey Makey circuit board. They build fun and interactive projects with foil, craft stick, play-doh, and each other.

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